It’s What You Make of It — Part 2

Illawarra District, Australia, Auigust 13, 2015.
Teacher: Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “It’s What You Make of It — Part 2.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “This is Andrea talking to you, J, through my human friend of many years. I know that you just recently subscribed to the 11:11 messages, so there is still much for you to learn as you have come from a non-religious background. In this short message — especially to you — there is only one thing of importance I want you to understand and keep in mind, always: God is with you.

“There is an important thing for you to always keep in mind. All that you see in the universe was and is being created by the One who reigns on Paradise and by those who received the creative power from Him. It is also important for you to realise that this Creator gives of Himself a Godly Fragment that indwells you. Talk to this Gift from God, so you will never be alone.

“Those of us, Angels and Midwayers, are the spiritual helpers of this planet and we know the difficulties you have so far overcome. Come to us and talk to us in your deepest despair and come to us and talk to us in joy. Come to us frequently in meditation and allow us to visit you in your dreams. Where we can we will assist you and we promise you will never again be alone.

“In your duties as a housewife and mother keep in mind that your three excel in many ways and will excel in many fields in time to come. Treasure their progress as much as you treasure them for themselves. Your pride in their achievements will be your great reward. Leaving you all our love, this is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, ever at your service.”

Note: ‘J’ is not yet 22. She has three children — two girls and one boy. After being 11:11 prompted many times, she recently did the rounds of many places that use the unofficial Midwayer trade mark 11:11 and finally landed on

Edited by Linda Abell.

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