The First Signs

Alabama, US of A, August 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The First Signs”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All human beings during their life can have ‘flashes’ of enlightenment, instants in which they understand and somehow experience that they have in God a Father who loves and protects them. The results of these flashes may not last long in a human experience, but for the eternal life these are the first signs of awakening. These flashes are the treasures that those who have lived in this world will carry with them to eternity.

“You can be sure that any deficiency that has been experienced during a human life in a material world will be greatly complemented in the morontial worlds, before a creature becomes a spirit. The life in this world does not represent the totality of the formative experience for a human being. The experience that transforms a material being into a spirit extends all the way to the shores of the universe in which you live. By the time mortals are prepared for the adventure of the super universe of their origin, all the deficiencies and all the differences will have been eradicated. All first-stage spirits will be perfectly prepared for their next level of existence.

“The adjustment period for a spiritual life varies greatly depending on the origin of each creature. Certainly, those who awaken in the mansion worlds after one of the planetary dispensations of this world, may need an adjustment period more intense than some mortals of this era. Similarly, those who lived in worlds long established in light and life will have an adaptation period relatively short. However, all these differences in origin disappear when creatures are promoted to first-stage spirits and they prepare to enter the super universes.

“All the life experiences of human beings are the patrimony of the Supreme Being and these experiences will be available for all creation. This way you will be able to benefit from the lessons learned and the values obtained by those who lived in the remote past of your world and were not able to enjoy the same opportunities you have now. Similarly, those mortals of old will have access to your experiences and will take from them what they need to complete their spiritual education.

“Keep in mind that even today your world offers a great variety of experiences. Some live almost at the same level of human beings from thousands of years ago, while others have made an effort to get closer to a personal age of light and life. The time in which a mortal lives has some influence upon her spiritual progress, but it is the decisions made and the whish to live the will of the Father what facilitates or hinders the spiritual growth.

“This is why ‘He who rules his own spirit is mightier than he who takes a city’. Once you have achieved a certain level of control over your mind you develop the ability to think independently and you will not be affected by the beliefs and the traditions of those around you. This achievement represents a higher discernment of the truth that prevents you from being a victim of deception, whether it comes from the social institutions of your time and your generation, or from the wrong beliefs and truths not fully comprehended. This way you can start drawing the path to your eternal destiny, trusting in the orientation of the presence of God within you, and this is the most reliable and effective way to grow and progress in spirit.”

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