From Human to Super-human

Oregon, July 31, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “From Human to Super-human”

Message received by Anyas

Definition of consciousness: Simply put, it is ‘sentience’ or awareness of internal or external existence.”

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings operate at seven levels of consciousness — broken down into three categories: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. No wonder that they require subtle attunements. Just as a bodybuilder intelligently devises a workout routine that equally promotes his upper and lower-body strength, you can single out the weakest constitutive elements of your persona to bring them up to par with the strongest ones. Would a bodybuilder fail to switch his routine, he would present to the world a very odd exterior—bulging muscles contrasting with withered ones.

The same goes for your overall harmonious development. To become a well-balanced and productive individual, you cannot neglect any of your problematic areas. How else could you grow into Godlikeness if you failed to cater to the development of your superhuman qualities?

You are the one who determines where to place your attention. A tunnel vision on your part significantly restricts the scope of your playing field. If you focus on the material reality without using it as a catalyst for your inner development, you will miss out on the wealth of resources available to you.

What about your emotional wellbeing? How far have you come along in acquiring self-mastery? What about your spiritual life? Shouldn’t it be assigned a privileged position in your inner world?

In hindsight, some of you will notice that their life journey took them from one extreme to the next. It is part of the enlightenment process. Use your brain for learning and understanding; use the beautifying power of your love to upgrade the world’s vibrational landscape; use the access door of Stillness to commune soul-to-Soul with me. It is how you will lead a thrilling life of ever-ongoing progress—a real success story.”

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