Creative Power

Alabama, US of A, August 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Creative Power.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You are the children of a Creator and your main goal is to be like your Father, therefore the latent creative impulses within all human beings should be one of the talents you should strive to develop. When you are creating is when you are being more like your Father and when you create with unconditional love in your hearts the things you offer to the entire creation will always be expressions of the Father manifested through your hands.

“It is not possible to put limits on the creative power of human beings, because the presence of the Creator Himself inhabits within them. When human imagination is inspired by divine imagination, a combination of faculties takes place that elevates the creative expressions to the category of a divine expressions. If there are no limits to your creative power you should not put artificial limits for you and others.

“You are used to think that being ‘creative’ is only possible in a few disciplines. Plastic arts, music, literature, etc., are just a few of the areas that come to your mind when thinking about creativity. These are limits imposed by your culture, your expectations, and your traditions. In reality, a lot of your potential remains unexplored, and there are creative expressions that have yet to be imagined by human minds.

“Consider some examples of the abundant creativity available in human beings, regardless of their background, their formal education, their innate talents, and their beliefs. There are parents who never went to school but manage to manipulate their environment and use their little possessions to provide a home that contributes to raise young men and women with great spiritual advantages. Is this not an eloquent demonstration of the creative power of these parents, who can alter their reality against all odds and turn a desperate situation into a growth opportunity?

“It is through your imagination and your creative talents that you can transform your reality and adapt it to your higher needs. There are many avenues available for the expression of your creative power. Preparing a delicious meal for your children with the little you have in your pantry while making your food last until the next payday is a creative expression. Transforming yourselves overcoming your limitations, real or imaginary, to progressively become a better is a creative expression. Describing to your peers the better world you hope to make a reality with your efforts, is a creative expression. The world in which you live is an expression of your creative power.

“Can you see in the ‘eye of your mind’ the better world you dream? Can you imagine the most enlightened, spiritual, filled with goodness person you would like to become? Can you conceive a life consecrated to understand the Father and express His will? Everything you create in your mind has the potential to manifest in reality. Consider everything you see today, your buildings, your technology, your clothing, your gardens, all this was at the beginning just an image in somebody’s mind. Use your creative power and paint a higher reality for your lives. Then have the courage to do what is necessary to materialize it. Even if that reality never comes close to your dreams, the higher your dreams are, the closer to heaven your achievements will be.”

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