Just One Step

Alabama, US of A, August 13, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Just One Step.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The limited vision of human beings is the cause of many decisions hastily made. Many choose to pursue human greatness while they sacrifice the glory to the eyes of the Father. If you consider for a moment that life in this world is just one step of the ascending stairway to perfection, you would understand that the wisest path, in this first and important step that is mortal life, is to establish a foundation for life in the next worlds.

“What science in this world can compare to the knowledge of those who see with the eyes of spirit? What human philosophy has any value from the perspective of those who have awakened to bigger and more complete realities? Your scientific and philosophic efforts of the present do a lot to improve your life in this world and to bring you closer to understanding yourselves and the world around you. However, if you initiate these endeavors with goals that are exclusively material you will be depriving yourselves of the greater benefits you could get.

“Those who work today to increase their knowledge and to create solutions for their problems with a materialistic focus may find solutions to the challenges of the present. Those who elevate these labors to the category of expressions of love towards the perfection of being, will find answers so that this generation and the ones that will come after can move a step closer to make this world a true heaven on earth. The one who works for himself limits the impact of his achievements. The one who works towards a higher goal – to do the divine will and help his peers – will not be able to measure the limits of how far his efforts and ideas will reach in time and space, because these efforts that are in harmony with the divine will become part of the laws that govern the new reality that is in the process of manifestation.”

“And those who voluntarily have decided to participate in the efforts of the hosts of creatures that work so that the plan of the Creator becomes a reality, will always have to their credit the fact that they took advantage of the opportunity to become co-creators with God of a universe of perfection. The benefits they will produce for eternity will be innumerable and invaluable, as will be the benefits they will generate for themselves in their journey of self-discovery and exploration of deity.”

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