The Native Tongue of Your Soul

Oregon, June 1, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “The Native Tongue of Your Soul”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “How do you go about learning a foreign language? Your intention alone will not suffice to make you eloquent in that particular tongue. You have to go through the moves of acquiring a rich vocabulary and grammatical ease. Initially, you may translate word for word. Over time, with diligent practice, the sentences will flow spontaneously and organically, as you will have acquired a feel for this new channel of communication.

“I dwell within you to teach you the fundamentals of the Divine Language—an intuitive silent approach, as words are mainly audible or readable symbols of more primal thoughts. As well, I tap into the very source of your mind’s electrochemical processes.

“You are the primary beneficiary when you learn to adequately ‘express’ in your own words what you sense so profoundly. I am always fully briefed about your fluctuating mental and emotional patterns, as I closely monitor your train of thoughts, starting at their point of origin. Yet, you must understand your inner workings by clarifying your thinking, sifting through its complex elements to discard those that are of no import and dwell on those that contribute to your enlightenment and are the fabric of ‘good’ decisions.

“You are an enigma to yourself whenever you notice contradictory reactional patterns. You may also be held hostage by deeply entrenched toxic emotions in need of release. The best way to proceed is to confide in Me—using your own words, spoken or written.

“Words stringed in meaningful sentences are the paint-stokes that depict your inner life, simultaneously presenting you with a clearer perspective of its puzzling elements, thus assisting you in ‘restructuring’ your thinking. A telltale sign that it is an effective method is the instant relief you will feel once done.

“As soon as you give Me the go ahead to assist you in that process, I will. Regular inner ‘board meetings’ are crucial for you to make great spiritual strides, as I am fluent in the native tongue of your soul and its subtleties.”

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