The Most Eloquent Demonstration of Love

Alabama, US of A, August 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Most Eloquent Demonstration of Love”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You may think that the Father would be satisfied with His family of eternal and perfect children. These children would understand His love implicitly and would be perfect in all ways. However, these children have never lived the experience of being ‘without God.’ These children never needed to believe in something they could not see. These children never grew up in an environment that would make them doubt their life, their purpose, and their origin. These children had no faith, because they did not need it. Why would someone who already knows the Father need faith?

“Considering this, the Father knew that there was an additional dimension of His divinity that was not yet understood, because it had not manifested yet. What would happen if a creature was created to not have preconceived notions, and with total freedom to make her own decisions? These creatures would be able to discover and reach perfection, learning the ways of truth, beauty, and goodness by their own efforts while growing in wisdom and spirit.

“Through these creatures the rest of creation would see a new dimension of the Father and a new expression of His love. Mortal beings express something that was not possible in a perfect universe. The existence of mortal beings perfectly complements the expression of the Father to His creation. For this glorious service, mortal beings are made to be like God and forever become and part of His being.

“There is a definite reason and a clear purpose for your existence. Only you can discover God and become and original expression of the Father in a way that is only possible through your personality. God did not intend for you to make all this work on your own. He has made every provision to ensure your success and has decided to share your uncertainties, your doubts, your concerns, and your suffering. Your experiences – joyful or painful – are your gift to the Father and the supreme offering of your personality is to do His will. The eternal life, divinity, and wisdom are the gifts of the Father for you, the well-deserved rewards for your service and the most eloquent demonstration of love you will ever find.”

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