Another Light

Alabama, US of A, July 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Another Light.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Finding the Father is always a personal experience. No two persons in all creation can find the Father the same way. Each one must create their own way to establish a relationship with God – with the God Fragment that inhabits within each person. This is a direct consequence of the fact that God has created us to be unique personalities – different beings destined to express a unique aspect of His will and His creative power.

“During meditation you should make an effort to calm your mind and to silence the flood of thoughts constantly besieging the human mind. The intent is to establish a clear communication channel with the Father. The intention to find God is primordial because it sets you in a receptive mode, opening the doors to divine inspiration. Many practice meditation with the sole objective of emptying their minds and even when some benefits can be derived from this practice, due to mental relaxation, the higher benefits are missed if the person does not have the intention and the desire to find God within.

“Communication with the Father only requires a sincere mind and heart, with the single objective of finding the source of the most noble aspirations of a human being, finding the Father, learning to know Him and discovering the purpose of life – His plan for your existence and your development, from an almost animal creature to a perfected being of light made to His image.

“This is an invite for you to abandon once and for all your belief that God is a distant being, that He is too high ‘up there’ to have anything to do with you. On the contrary, the Father is right here within you, as you read these words, and He is filling you with such compassion to confirm this feeling. If you ask Him to guide you and make you notice His presence, He surely will. He is not hiding. He just requires your attention and your focus to be able to speak to you with more clarity.

“Do you believe that the Creator of all beings and the Source of all Wisdom will not be able to find a way to reach you, to let you know that He is available and at your service? Every instant, with every opportunity, the Father speaks to you in a thousand ways, in your dreams, and in your thoughts. Learn to follow your highest impulses of your being and let your will choose to be the best you can be, the person most filled with unconditional love and wisdom that you can imagine, because this is precisely the will of God for your life. When your being is able to express truth, beauty, and goodness, you will be truly living in the age of light and life – and another light will have been lit in this world in dire need of more light.”

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