Why We Pray?

Alabama, US of A, July 30, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Why We Pray?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you pray for peace you are expressing a higher and sincere desire from your heart, and when you pray in this fashion you will certainly not act against your own desires, so you will become a peaceful person. When you manifest in this way, the desires of your heart, you also open the door for similar thoughts and ideas to reach your mind. If you ask for peace and you wish for peace in this world, you will see how peace starts manifesting in your reality and you receive additional inspiration for peace. Your prayer will synchronize you with the frequencies of peace and you will be better prepared to receive inspiration for peace. Same thing happens if you pray for wisdom, spiritual growth, discernment, love, etc. All these attributes will become more real to you because you will be setting your mind in harmony to receive similar thoughts.

“Prayer is not to remind the Father or His agents about something they may have forgotten. If you ask for the health of an ill person you are not telling the Father to pay attention to a person He has ignored and therefore got ill. The Father knows perfectly well the status of each one of His children, since He inhabits within each human being. However, when you express your intent for another person to receive divine goodness and compassion, you are allowing your own Thought Adjuster to collaborate in the process. You would be surprised to know how many human diseases are produced directly or indirectly by lack of love. We are not talking here about romantic love as it is commonly regarded by humanity. We are talking about the love of God, the force that sustains creation and it is the source of all life. Clearly, if the vital energy that sustains us physically, mentally, and spiritually is interrupted our health is affected.

“You have been gifted with the ability to give love, just like the Father in heaven. This love that nourishes and sustains your spirit sometimes needs a ‘transfusion’ to reactivate the vital flow. It is not a mystery for you that sick individuals who count on a support system – the love of their family and friends – normally have a higher chance of recovery that those who are alone. Your love can help those who need it the most and it may be just what their souls need to awaken to the higher realities of existence and to discover and fight for their life purpose.

“When you pray for others, if you do it with a sincere and unselfish love, your prayer always produce positive results. When you pray for a person you are sending your love to that person and this always helps. The Father does not distribute pain and suffering. Most human problems are the result of the environment in which you live, the errors made in the remote past of this sphere, and your own decisions and actions. Only the Father can know if a diseased person will recover or die. Your wisest prayers should always be for the will of the Father to be done because, even if from your human point of view, you cannot understand it clearly, everything the Father does is for the benefit of the entire creation and will always result in something better for all.

“Continue praying, continue sending your love to those who need it the most. Once this becomes a global effort by all it will truly produce the miracles that this world needs so much to overcome its past of error and confusion, awakening an age of truth, beauty, and goodness.”

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