The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes

Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2017.
Teacher: The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes.”
(shortened transmit).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “One of the main projects in our superuniverses is the education of the sheer ‘waves of humans’ occupying the ever-changing worlds of space, designed for no other outcome, no other purpose, but to bring man to God — the child to its Father. It is to this very day and on this globe hardly a successful mission, far from it, my human friends.

“Especially on this world — and, yes, there are a few other young worlds as well — where the Creator of All is seen as distant. He dwells on Paradise, too far away to be communicating with you so far out in space but, wonder of wonders, when you pray He will actually hear you! The fact that each and every one of you has a Fragment of the Creator dwelling in your heart and mind is not clearly recognized.

“Long ago the Father came to his children, all, in the form of Thought Adjusters (TAs), one for each, and when you pray, the words, the thoughts and the feelings are instantly accepted and passed on. Still, the connection of the Father to His child is only partially ‘installed,’ waiting for a spark of recognition, and a few moments in time.

“It amazes Me to witness the many who address the far-away Father and babble on about the ‘mundanes’ of their lives, not even aware of the fact that the Father’s Representative is right there within their person, quite capable of answering them and at a considerably higher level.

“It is for the 11:11 Progress Group at this stage of its diverse being, its well-earned growth and its wide-ranging experience to announce that the Father has things to say to you . . . that the Father is available to you all, both day and night . . . that you, too, can hear from your TA and that you will feel His great Love, rather than being overwhelmed.

“I ask to be your Wayshower during this extended period, my friends, when we encourage the many to make friends with their very own TAs to learn of their individual journeys to perfection and to Paradise.

“It is a most urgent thing — some say, the most urgent thing — that more of the children of God learn to hear from, answer to and know of the love of their Father on Paradise, for ages and ages the most misunderstood in His very own and widespread universes, yes, and especially on this world.

“In the fulness of time however, all will be good . . . all will be fine.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe. I Am Sananda, who loves you.”

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