About the Super-Powers of the Golden Rule

Oregon, US of A, October 26, 2019.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “About the Super-Powers of the Golden Rule.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “I am accessing your mind, right now, as you so dearly invited me to join you in your Stillness time. Do not worry about how our messages are forthcoming. We are resourceful and do not covet recognition or rewards. Ours is a selfless contribution that, by its very nature, benefits and blesses all of us.

The lessons we prepare for you are mutually beneficial, as we are all growing by the implementation of the fundamental Golden Rule adopted by all authentic religionists: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ It is all about the right way of DOING, as actions have consequences due to the universal Law of Cause and Effect.

“Unfortunately, right now, your world is undergoing a severe crisis. The historical ripple effects of misguided decisions, as well as current affairs, seem to have brought your planet to the edge of self-destruction.

“On the other hand, because the Universe operates by the Golden Rule, caring countermeasures have been put in place from On High to ‘do unto you, as we would like you to do unto others.’ The fact is that the Golden Rule is endowed with irresistible super-powers, as it is all about love in action.

“Surely, it takes much practice at first, prompted by the intellectual understanding of its value. However, if you remain in its frame of mind and heart, sooner or later, you will experience an unprecedented inner metamorphosis. By doing good unto others, you facilitate their heart-opening and trigger surges of gratitude on their part, which is on the high end of the emotional scale — a failproof emotional up-lifter.

“When at the receiving end of the thank-you-notes of those who were touched by your selfless deeds, you are catapulted in upgraded emotional modes, which feel very rewarding to your soul. It is how the infinite circle of love gets sealed and becomes a generator for beneficial actions. By doing good unto others, you do good for yourself. Isn’t what the highest good is all about?”

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