About Spiritual Freshness

Oregon, US of A, June 4, 2019.
Teacher: Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “About Spiritual Freshness.”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “You will forever be My children. I am utterly unable to turn down any heartfelt invitation to share quality time with you, nor would I ever wish to, as they go straight to the soft spot of My heart where I entertain a similar longing because love is at the onset of My creative pursuits.

“No matter how old you may be in human years, the innermost part of you is, and will forever be young in spirit. It is your spiritual freshness that appeals to Me and does My heart good. I could never send away the little ones or those of pure hearts.

“What I wish for each one of you is that you remain children at heart — candidly and unpretentiously running into My open arms.

“Your inner child is alive. Due to the chaotic environment you live in, there may be areas where it lags in its development. As you become aware of them, yours is to bring them up to par with the overall growth curve of your persona. It is how you will get to experience Oneness — by harmonizing the many facets of your being so that it functions optimally, meeting all your needs as well as taking its rightful place in the Greater Cosmic Organism.

“Do not neglect the inner children! Partake of the love I feel for them and reach out to them. If those among you who ‘pretend’ to be grown-up, would only lower themselves to cater to these timid souls, hearts would be tremendously softened and overinflated egos would shrink to their normal size.

“Appease the inner warriors and turn your attention to the inner children. Thus doing, you will transform the many battlefields of your world into the playgrounds they were meant to be. Many withdrawn individuals would be prompted to join the ranks of a no longer intimidating or alienating society. Tensions would be released and replaced with joy, cheerfulness, inquisitiveness, and zest for life. Your inner child would exert a positive influence on your inner grown-up, joyfully tagging along.”

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