About Teaching

Alabama, US of A, April 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Teaching.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The problem of many ‘teachers’ of the Truth in these times is that they invest too much in promoting their own image, their public person, instead of focusing more on their message. Many teachers make a job of the task of spreading the Truth, considering it something that needs to generate a profit to be able to sustain itself, and there is where they fail.

“While it is necessary that every person manages to obtain a job to make a living, the orientation for spiritual achievements must not be conditioned by material and selfish motivations. It is absurd to pretend that the achievement of spiritual progress should be limited by one having access to some book, or by the cost of a ticket to a seminary. The constant seeking of a material profit has made the way to spirituality too difficult for many, and has compromised the integrity of the message that teachers, maybe with good intentions, tried to promote at the beginning. This is why many immediately despise any attempt to be added to a new group of truth seekers because of the fear – often well founded – that spiritual teachers simply seek their own material benefit, instead of honestly helping others.

“The example of Michael of Nebadon during His life on earth is an illustration of a true human teacher who lived an authentic spiritual experience. During his early human life – before His baptism – the son of man dedicated himself to do good, to live the Will of His Father in Heaven, while working happily to earn a living and provide for His family. He never cared about cultivating his image as a teacher, or a godly man, or a wise man. He simply offered the best of Himself to those around Him, and thus won a multitude of souls to eternal life.

“The spiritual enlightenment that many have received in their lives is the result of the inward focus and efforts of the personal Thought Adjuster to create a true spiritual experience in the life of His charge. This is a gift from the Father for His children, and the Father rejoices when His children share it with their siblings, attracting more souls back into the family of the true children of God. This is a service that human beings can offer to their Creator and to their brothers and sisters in the flesh, but this is not a service that implies material profits. If the Father offers the most valuable gift of the universe without any cost added, how can man pretend to obtain a material profit for something he has freely received?

“Another aspect that should not to be forgotten is that the higher the teacher places himself above his students, the more difficult it will be to follow His example. Michael was indeed the man nearest to divine perfection who has lived on this earth, but He did not find it strange to think of Himself as one more among men. He was not the teacher who taught from the top of a mountain. Rather He was the tireless companion who walked the same path of faith and hope as His fellow men, inspiring with His example and Grace.”

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

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