The Golden Egg of Spiritual Living

Oregon, US of A, May 14, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “The Golden Egg of Spiritual Living.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Religion inspires man to live courageously and joyfully on the face of earth; it joins patience with passion, insight to zeal, sympathy with power, and ideals with energy.” [UB 1093:01]

Teacher Uteah: “The above quote would make a great pitch for the many perks of true religion? Religion is inspirational; it fosters courage and breeds joy. It is all these, patient and passionate, insightful and zealous; sympathetic and powerful; idealistic and a driving force.

“Some of you may be skeptical, as it is a far cry from the nature of your religious experience. Rather than questioning the accuracy of this statement, question the relevance of your belief system if it resorts to the unpleasant motivators of fear, guilt, and shame. If it does not yield into your life the juicy fruits of Spirit, isn’t it time to look for a better version?

“Jesus must have found the golden egg of spiritual living, as He came to be known as a cheerful man who bravely plowed ahead to disseminate His groundbreaking teachings about the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. He never rushed, as He well knew that present mindfulness is necessary to not overlook any opportunity. He campaigned passionately for the enduring values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; yet, He was wisely and patiently waiting for His hour to come. He generously shared His enlightenment with all. He spoke with authority in the Father’s Name but was compassionate toward His brothers in the flesh. He was proactively pursuing His God-given mandate to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. He was a passionate idealist.

“Being idealistic does not necessarily imply that you are out-of-touch with reality. Realistic idealists use their energetic quota to mold their reality by taking appropriate actions. Each affirmative action has a positive impact. Period. It is so because of the inalterable universal Law of Cause and Effect.

“By embracing the religion of Jesus, you will thrive spiritually, no longer acting out of a mere sense of duty. You will joyfully act out of Love — putting your Love for God in action for the sake of your planetary siblings. This driving force is clean, renewable, and feel-good energy.”

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