As I Am the Pilot of Your Ship

Urantia. March 30, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “As I Am the Pilot of Your Ship.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It pleases Me to see in you a growing acceptance of Me. You are beginning to realize that I am always here for you, and now it is dawning upon you that likewise you can be here for Me.

“Do you have any idea, child, what it means to Me; to be able to count on you?

“Truly, My beloved, eyes have not beheld, nor have ears heard of the glories I have in store for you. A richness and abundance not of this planet, I hold out for you.

“The only prerequisite is that you are ready and willing to receive them. This has nothing to do with material wealth and riches, but everything with matters spiritual. It constitutes an enlarging of the soul, a steadfast moving forward into a greater understanding of the glories in eternal life, whilst you are yet living in the flesh.

“Be open and still within, to feel My peace pervading you and making you ever stronger, building a bastion around your soul against which the winds of adversity and disappointment cannot prevail. Thus you will be able to say: ‘What can man do unto me? I am safe and secure in the care of the eternal God. Nothing can shake me off that rock, because God is my foundation and peace.’

“This, My child, I would have you ponder, so that all insecurities, fears and negativity fall away like the dross of the world and it’s mundane concerns. What remains will be the surety of faith in things unseen becoming so real to you, even though others will say: ‘How do you know this?’

“You will know, because I tell you these things, as I am the Pilot of your ship, and you are the captain, but the captain always listens to the Pilot in rough seas, in order to avoid the cliffs of evil and iniquity.”

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