About Fire Drills

Oregon, US of A, February 10, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Fire Drills.”

Message received by Anyas.

“In the time of testing, man’s soul is revealed; trial discloses what really is in the heart.” [UB Paper 165, section 6].

Thought Adjuster: “In hindsight, many of your life’s perceived trials merely amounted to Fire Drills. How else could you be prepared for such eventualities if you had not rehearsed various case scenarios?

“It is the reason why you are called to address many situations without knowing if they are dry runs or real emergencies. A flight simulator is very effective in honing the skills of a pilot by artificially testing his coping mechanisms in life and death situations. What matters are the survival objectives of such excercises.

“Such situations take you by surprise to test your ‘response-ability.’ When successfully addressed, they also increase your sense of self-confidence and self-reliability. Will you go beyond what you perceive as your breaking point? Whether fake or real, each crisis tells you much about yourself.

“In hindsight, rather than resenting such pop-up tests, you will appreciate that they were inconsequential but acted as practical tools for self-assessment and self-realization.

“Such is the objective of a thorough education. It equips you to face ever-greater challenges by constantly pushing your limits. Trials and tribulations bare your heart and soul, revealing what they are made of: Cowardice or courage? ‘Wishy-washiness’ or unwavering determination?

“You can only be of higher service if you have been ‘tested and proved’ to be a ‘faithful servant’. What a relief it is for both you and your entourage!”

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