Mercy Oriented Love

Urantia, April 2, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Mercy Oriented Love.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “At the start of this brand-new day, let me begin by stating that this is the day that God made, so let us rejoice and be glad it. It is also the day that you, as mortals, can begin with love and forgiveness in your hearts, as this is a universal requirement for living a healthy and uncomplicated life. Life becomes increasingly less complicated the more time you spent in thoughts as to how true love really works.

“Allow me to state that true love also has the mercy oriented component attached to it as it has no secondary motives. Pure and clean love is always ready to forgive the self and others, as this is the healing balm for a sick body, sickened over time with negative thinking. You may never have entertained the idea of how powerful the mind can be when you become more aware of how, and what, and why you think.

“Many maladies in the human body arise with wrong and negative thinking, and over time when the physical body starts ‘talking back’ with pain and discomfort, remedies in the outer world are sought and people belief that these will solve the problem, rather than delving within and searching for the error patterns in the inner world and realizing that these thoughts might need closer scrutiny.

“Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind, and a mind can become warped by thinking unhealthy thoughts. These thoughts can become habit, so one can have no idea how illnesses may originate through negative thinking, especially through revengeful, angry thoughts. Over time these wreak havoc in the physical system.

“It would be better to engage in the right-minded clarity of mercy-oriented, compassioned thinking, which prevents misunderstandings. When one makes healthy and clean thinking a habit, the body reacts most favourably, and a feeling of happiness arises in the soul which in turn allows one to walk through life as a loving individual. This creates a beneficial influence on the immediate surroundings, as everyone coming into contact with a mercy-oriented, fully aware person is thereby uplifted. This manner of living can flow through the thought-stream of humanity and the world would slowly on arrive at a far healthier way of living as this benign virus of loving intent and mercy orientation sweeps over the planet.

“This worthy idea needs to get out and saturate the hearts and minds of every thinking mortal who is willing to help the celestials in their endeavor to uplift this world at this critical juncture in planetary history. Please take my words to heart and apply them to yourself, so you can begin to live a healthier life.”

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