We are Absolutely Beside Ourselves

Illawarra District, Australia, February 18, 2019.
Teacher: Midwayer Mathew 33-3-33.
Subject: “We are Absolutely Beside Ourselves.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “It will soon be 20 of your years since we joined your loyal Midwayer ‘tribes’, doggedly going about their business, unwavering, determined. The idea of being of assistance to our Urantia ‘colleagues’ had come up in Midwayer minds countless, yes countless times all over this local universe, because whilst you were totally isolated, we were often-times informed. Indeed, there were such occasions when unattached Father Fragments did travel to this planet and when more than idle gossip was made known to us. The one-time outrageous idea of living and working here became a dream of ours, then a likelihood and finally a dearly-wished-for reality.

“Much as the Urantia Midwayers are united in what they do, we, your ‘foreigner’ or ‘imported’ or ‘refugee’ or ‘alien’ Midwayers — as we’ve been called by you although understood in jest — have ‘psychologically blended in’ with the local troops. Even though I am dedicated to you both and you rely more on me as you are getting older, for each time we meet and liaise, the Damascus Scribe is still your Number One contact, hold this in your mind, always.

“However, the important reason by far why I speak with you today is to tell you, nay to heartily impress upon you, how thankful I am and how thankful we all are to be able to work directly for our Creator Son on this once totally isolated sphere, His sphere. For most of our working lives we were aware of the necessarily rough deal that was meted out to your world in it remaining isolated, being under-educated, under-staffed, restricted and in many ways quite poisoned in an ongoing batle with fake information and bogus rules. How we wished to assist you all! And how grateful and pleased we were to be introduced to this world.

“See it now in your mind’s eye, my friend, that on a well-ordered planet where three or six colored races are well blended and present a physical psychological and intellectual norm of a kind there is less to do for 50,000 workers than there is for 1,111 or even 1,984 Secondary Midwayers on a world where everyone is ‘an outright study’, no two are the same, a thousand languages are spoken and not one individual has a clear grasp of basic spirituality.

“To us, celestials, looking at it from your point of view, we see you as doing it tough. We see you as having a rough time, a hard life. When we consider our own situation, we are, after all, the professional problem solvers, the trained trouble shooters. We are absolutely beside ourselves to have been given this opportunity to so do our utmost for Michael and for the Father.

“Think about it, though. Make it through this short terrestrial life and labour in His name and similar rewards to ours will be yours. Au revoir.”

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