The Fullness of Freedom in Me

Urantia, January 25, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject; “The Fullness of Freedom in Me.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “My child, empty your heart and soul and mind of all past grievances, so you can become free of all shadows that tend to hold you chained to the past and prevent you from coming more freely into My presence.

“Forgive yourself and forgive all others, so you can breathe in deeply the fullness of freedom in Me.

“Ask for more unconditional love when it is needed; for I tell you that unreserved devotion is hard to find anywhere, for so many retain hidden agendas whilst trying to obtain the love they so earnestly seek and desire.

“Practice unconditional love. It is freely available to you, for the Source and Giver of unconditional love has sent Me to live inside of you, and I shall fill you full since I am that unconditional love.

“I shall lead you through those lessons which will give you lots of practice. I have already done so throughout your life, because I have given you the desire for this practice. Only now are you slowly becoming ready to be more mindful of the reactions to your actions and of those around you through their speech and behavior.

“It is through mindful living, in and with Me, that the clinging grudges and resentments of past and present, lose their grip on you and eventually become forgotten things of the memory.

“You are beginning to see certain situations of the past in a more compassionate understanding and an increasing spiritual light for the lessons they contain which surprisingly turn out to be blessing in disguise.

“You are beginning to realize that through forgiveness the traumas of the past become easier to accept and you finally can let go.

“It is through living a spiritual life that freedom comes — freedom from attachment to circumstances and the causes and effects beyond your control.”

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