What Makes Your Soul Quiver?

Oregon, December 24, 2018.
Trinity Teacher, Uteah.
Subject: “What Makes Your Soul Quiver?”

Message received by Anyas.

“Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.” [UB 2095:06]

Trinity Teacher Uteah: “There are two parts to the above statement. The first part pertains to the quality of the intention set for your act of worship. What and how do you worship? Each one of you needs to examine your process to become clear about the object of your worship, as the target is what determines your course.

“Do you idolize Mammon and the Golden Calf? Do you glorify material possessions, letting such an obsession consume your every waking moment? It is indeed what would occur at such a low level of misguided worship. The noisiness and busyness of the material world are both deafening and blinding to the highest level of reality: the spiritual one.

“This is the reason why your Master Jesus never focused on His wants, trusting that the Father would meet His needs and those of His entourage. It is how He successfully nurtured His Higher Self, soaring to unprecedented spiritual heights, while fully disclosing His hands-on approach for the edification of all.

“The second part of the equation was personally validated by Jesus. The value of His teachings is forever immune to depreciation. Such is the spiritual currency you should search to acquire through your life’s endeavors.

“True worship is your soul’s launching pad. It is the air stream that lifts your spiritual ‘kite’ by raising your vibrations. It is the expression of your wide-open heart and its genuine longings to get to know the Omni-present Divine.

“What contributes to such a soul upliftment? It could be your heartfelt rendition of ‘soul-songs’ of worship; it could be reading an inspiring piece; it could be joining in the vibrant synergy of a choir . . . Yours is to figure out what makes your soul quiver and put it into action. Indeed, the setting of high intentions cannot but yield the anticipated results — sooner or later. Your Higher Self ‘aspires’ to be set free and stretch into the rarefied spiritual elements where it feels at Home.”

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