Becoming an 11:11 Midwayers’ Messenger

Becoming an 11:11 Midwayers’ Messenger
From the Desk of George Barnard -- January 9, 2019.

It’s the human “thing to do” to live in a home, have a partner, children and perhaps a dog or a cat. Some may well keep a snake, a frog or a rabbit. Inevitably people “reach down” to find their non human companions, possibly to avoid back-talk. In the future — it is hoped — people will be “reaching up” for celestial work-mates and companions.

On the part of the celestials, well, they have been giving us hints for many decades in the hope that we will reach up to them and accept them as spiritual teachers. Usually they are the ones who will make contact first and by making you look at your clock at precisely 11 minutes after 11. It’s then truly up to you to find out who they are (1,111 Midwayers), what is meant by them (Join us, work with our platoons), and what do I need to do to be able to hear you or see you better (meditate and get your metabolism way down).

So, in the same way you send your four-legged “servant” on a chase after a Frisbee with the words, “Go get ‘em Rocky!” you might hear, “Get into your car. Go to the bluff and pull the guy off the rock before he jumps. And what’s taking you so long?”

In all fairness, this is the most urgent and most drastic and most unsettling message I ever did receive. Most messages are quite tame, just to let you know you are now in charge of the entire platoon for maybe an hour or likely even less.

Most times, also, you are merely asked to be a messenger for and on behalf of the immediate group of Secondary Midwayers and likely one Primary Midwayer plus assisting Angels of all kinds.

If your heart’s desire is to make this world a better place, “adopting” a platoon of Celestials is one way of going about it. So, what’s taking you so long?

And it’s just a stray thought from George Barnard.

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