Professionals Only

Professionals Only
From the Desk of George Barnard – January 5, 2019.

As do most of the receivers you hear from via the 11:11 Progress List, we deal with Celestials almost every day. That is to say, we listen to them, to their lessons, we don’t often talk to them for they know our minds and if our questions are allowed to be answered, their unasked for replies will likely be included during the lessons.

There was a time when I did healings every day — more than one lengthy healing on some days, but nowadays I mostly just “take notes” for and on behalf of the Damascus Scribe. However, a human friend’s partner’s serious operation got me back into an occasional healing mode.

My friend’s partner, “X”, was a long-time sufferer of Scoliosis and the worsening problem had now become critical. The operation ended up taking 16 long hours as the doctors placed two stainless steel rods and connecting brackets alongside her spine. I had years ago been informed that the woman did not like me or my wife, because we had spooky friends and spoke with these invisible spirits and the lady had also made her dislike of us quite obvious to us both. It seemed wise for me to invite my long-ago Teacher, Dr. Mendoza to join me on this healing occasion.

“The Midwayer/Doctor Mendoza (MNO-8) and I arrived together in the ICU, just 3’ from the woman, packed up in bandages and lying on her stomach. Next up, quickly, I stepped back a pace, Dr Mendoza stepped forward a few paces and began doing his Reiki type of healing he taught me so well back in early 1973. It seemed “X” allows professionals only to heal her, even if they are the very “spooky” Celestials that are our long-time Teachers. Amazing!

Only for a few moments did I watch Dr. Mendoza at work as he healed her without touching her and then I was unceremoniously flung out of a first-floor window. Up, over and out of the room and down the side of the building I went. It certainly was a most strenuous objection to my presence there. Never before had anyone shown me such great fear of my Teachers and of my knowledge of an afterlife. Somehow the lady never caught on to Dr. Mendoza in his white coat and with his stetoscope around his neck as being one of my “spooks”.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to that private hospital to do more healing for “X”, but if I do, I might just be ready for anything and sit on the window sill. Perhaps I’ll just leave it up to my Midwayer/Teacher, Dr. Mendoza.

May God bless us confused mortals,
George Barnard.

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