A Pint Can Never Hold a Quart

Oregon, US of A, November 15, 2018.
Teacher: Mother Spirit/Nebadonia.
Subject: “A Pint Can Never Hold a Quart.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mother Spirit/Nebadonia: “I am celebrating the open hearts of many of My earthly children. Indeed, I can only infuse each heart with My Infinite Love according to its capacity to receive. Like your textbook* says: “Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart.” My Love will always fill your being to its present capacity.

“Yours is to work on expanding your ‘love-receptivity.’ How do you go about this? It has much to do with letting your guard down. Indeed, Love does not require safeguards, as it is safe in and of itself. My Love will never inflict any hurts, as it is always infused with the highest and purest intentions.

“As part of the human species, your love suffers frequent setbacks due to the state of emotional immaturity of the involved parties. Much of human Love is blended with elements of self-gratification. It will not remain so forever. As you keep expanding your spiritual capacity, you will learn to filter out all such impurities.

“My Love is 100% pure. It is the reason why, by opening yourself to it, you are purified! Take time daily to access My Omnipresence. Know that by focusing on it, you can absorb My Love Substance. Such a process upgrades your entire being, activating dormant elements of your DNA. Isn’t your physical well-being determined by what you ingest or expose it to? The same goes for its more aethereal counterparts. Turn your back on any form of toxicity to intentionally bask in the transformative ‘sunny divine exposure.’”

*The Urantia Book 48:7.5.

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