Have Faith in Your Heart!

Oregon, US of A, November 1, 2018.
Teacher: Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “Have Faith in Your Heart!”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “I am here now, spending quality time with you. You are calling My name with such heartfelt longings that it exerts an irresistible pull on Me. You have found My soft spot. Indeed, the love of My children always meets the mark of My heart. You all have a special place there.

“In your quest for enlightenment, you may feel like a little seed digging its way upward through the layers of dirt in which it has been buried in order to burst into the light. Don’t you see? It is that little seed’s preordained destiny to break through the earthly placenta and come to full bloom.

“Such is your spiritual life. Your soul seed craves for ‘En-LIGHT-enment.’ It is its destiny. It is a fact. All that it takes is for you to keep digging an escape route through the dark layers of separation. I am digging at the other end and, once the last pile of dirt has been cleared out of the way, the reward will be unprecedented bliss. Indeed, by your willpower and daily efforts, you worked your way to the light, never allowing the ‘no-sayers’ and ‘no-can-doers’ to deter you from what you recognized as your calling.

“The trail blazed by me as the human, Jesus, was a very similar trail. At times, it seemed that I was enveloped in darkness. Yet, My heart KNEW otherwise, and I believed My heart more than all of what pointed to the contrary, as My heart was infused with Divine Light — the inner torch that shone through the darkness to guide My steps. When I took My last breath, I emerged as a full-fledged being of Light, and I sent My Spirit of Truth as My Ambassador of Light.”

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