Practice Love to Become IT

Oregon, US of A, October 27, 2018.
Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).
Subject: “Practice Love to Become IT.”

Mother Spirit: “Beloved children of Mine, all relationships start by spending quality time with one another. Indeed, time needs to be set aside for undisturbed heartfelt connections. It is what you are doing right now. I AM omnipresent, as I am the Creative Mother Spirit of your universe. I am right here with you — now and always.

“This is a fact of your life and Mine. You are My children, and I am fully invested in all of you. I know each one of you by name, and I also have assigned you tender nicknames. It is what mothers do, as their hearts are overflowing with deep love.

“Should you be a parent, do you remember how you felt toward your little ones? How many smiles did they bring to your face? Wasn’t your heart saturated with love toward each one of them? Didn’t it expand with each birth? Indeed, Love is infinite in its abundance. No need to worry about any limitations. It will never run dry.

“This is what My children learn during their planetary stay. Any loved one leaves a deep mark in your heart, and their names are tattooed there with the permanent ink of Love. Dear ones, I love ALL my children, as I only conceive with Love. Love moves Me, and this will never change.

“What matters is that you learn to love evermore. It is how you will become parent-like, spouse-like, sibling-like, and so much more. Consistently practice all the facets of Love to become IT.”

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