You Cannot Skip the Basics

Oregon, US of A, October 18, 2018.
Trinity Teacher, Uteah.
Subject: “You Cannot Skip the Basics.”

Trinity Teacher, Uteah: “When you express your sincere intention to connect with Me, believe that it occurs, as everything having to do with spiritual matters requires faith on your part at this time of your spiritual infancy. Just trust in the fact that you are assigned expert Instructors, and that their input intends to promote your eternal spiritual existence.

“Small children do not have the ability to understand the value of what is taught to them. By applying themselves to shape each letter of the alphabet accurately, they over time master the skills to link them in meaningful sentences. The same applies to any knowledge you acquire — be it learning a new language or a new craft. It always starts with the basics.

“Trust in the process. As you pick up on My dictation, you can validate for yourself that our connection is real. We are starting with the basics, as you have to get to know Me by My vibrations — My energy signature. By spending time in My presence, you are familiarizing yourself with Me — just as I am getting to know you more in depth, as you confide in Me. Isn’t it how friendships are initiated and nurtured?

“Keep coming to Me, and we shall add to this deep connection. Do not be discouraged. Rather, look forward to our growing connection — as I do. My love and light, I share with you.”

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