Mansion World Care and Sincerity

Illawarra District, Australia, November 28, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Mansion World Care and Sincerity.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “We have spoken with you in the past about Mansion-World Care. Perhaps at this moment in time we can manage to ‘come a little closer’ to giving you a better understanding of what the Mansion World Spheres have to offer, especially to those souls that are making their way from the worlds held back by rebellion. However, not only your kinds of (rebellious) worlds, but many newly populated ones fall into the category that need extra loving care for former humans to later flourish in the hereafter.

(A lengthy question is here asked but the sound is all but lost — something to do with how troubled Urantians are compared to most other humans).

“Absolutely! You have heard of the term, ‘Heaven on Earth?’ Does this look like heaven on our earth? No, nothing like it. Far from it. And when your new body comes to life in the Resurrection Halls of Mansonia One, your experiences have already been told in rather great detail and the potential difficulties in you making a success of your new Mansion World life will have been assessed. A Carer — a Mansion World Carer — will have already been appointed and such kind of specialists can be encountered anywhere in our universes.

“We are not blind, my friend. We know you live in circumstances far from ideal in your western world, whilst the majority envies you for you ‘having it so good.’ True, there are some among us whom you may see as ‘cold’ by virtue of the specific tasks they perform, but their use of time is measured, efficient and their mannerisms may seem short and to-the-point. Most of those you will be dealing with will be ever so thoughtful and patient, yes, sincere in their ways and this is what we will ask of you former humans, sincerity, sincerity, sincerity.

“One may be considered to be a great spiritual mind whilst dwelling on this planet. Another might well be classed as, what you call, a spiritual novice, not at all interested in anything spiritual, just wishing to live on when it is time to die. Chances are both individuals will be taught in the same Mansonia classrooms because, you see, there’s really no great difference between these two from ‘heaven’s’ point of view.

“To answer you both more clearly, yes, Urantians and almost all who hail from the worlds of rebellion, require a lot of care, but after that they tend to outperform most others. Consider yourself lucky to be toughened, yes, hardened by such a troubled world.

“I am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: The questions came from a reader and from me. Both were answered.

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