Love, Light, and Miracles

Oregon, US of A, October 17, 2018.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Love, Light, and Miracles.”

Teacher: “In your prayers and meditation, you can invoke the guiding lights of Higher Beings. Indeed, the closer to Paradise they dwell, the brighter is the light they emit, and the stronger is their Love, as you cannot separate Love from Light.

“As you grow spiritually, you too, have to fully integrate the element of Love with the one of Light. They are the inseparable attributes woven into the Oneness of the Great I AM.

“Take the time to reflect on Love and Light. They are indeed your speed dial to Higher Realms. By ‘reflecting’ on them, you activate ‘Reflectivity’ — the cosmic-wide web. By meditating on them, you also absorb them in all the layers of your being, thus benefiting from their healing energies. It cannot be otherwise. Love and Light are the most precious energetic substances made available to you. They are as vital as the air you breathe and the water you drink.

“Daily oxygenate your soul with these high-quality spiritual boosters. You will draw the greatest benefits from such a practice. Tap into these free energies until the thirst of your soul is fully quenched. Then, go out into the world and spend this energetic quota by becoming Love in Action — a telltale sign that you are now operating as a full-fledged light and love worker — a miracle worker.”

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