Illawarra district, Australia, November 12, 2012.
Teachers Samuel and Aaron.
Subject: “Mindedness.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Life in the universes as they exist in human consideration is often seen as bi-polar in the sense that life is either seen as physical or as spiritual. In effect, the morontia creatures by far outnumber the human tally, despite the existence of myriad inhabited planets spread all over the seven superuniverses. Even less often thought about, is universal mindedness, so utterly overlooked, yet totally necessary to the degree that little if anything might exist or function without mind.

“Generally you need to move beyond the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, touch and taste to even be consciously aware of your own thoughts, let alone about the thoughts of others. It is about group mindedness that we wish to confer with you, for group mindedness can work for you, as well as against you, depending on the state of mind. Your observation of geat schools of fish and large flocks of birds will serve you well in regard to the use of their group mind.

“With predators on the attack, the fish school tends to dart in all directions. The hawk above can seriously disrupt the uniform movement of all well-trained wings into a feathered frenzy of each bird trying for its personal safety. There are positive outcomes of unrelated group thought when a lone inventor thrives on the mindal support of those likewise interested in solving ‘the riddle’ by helping him or her over the threshold of full realization. Over to Aaron now.”

Aaron: “This is Aaron. Rational group minds have been instrumental in creating great civilizations over the centuries, as well as irrational group minds have destroyed them in often somewhat shorter order. Relentless advertising about certain wheat flakes being healthy for you – even when they taste like reconstituted sawdust – might have you consider it being worth the price paid. Likely you will not suffer any ill effects from your personal mind being waylaid somewhat.

“Your reconstituted sawdust is unlikely to be injurous to your body. Your mind may well take note of the persistent array of news items blackening the name of Middle Eastern religions through the behavior of some of their marginal adherants, whilst the spiritual majority just wants peace to provide for their families in safety. Long have opinions been swayed on the planet by those not motivated by truth, by reality on the ground, even the Fatherhood of God for mankind.

“See it now clearly in your mind’s eye, our students, how the predator trevally panics and feasts on a school of anchovies, how the hawk disrupts the pigeons’ trajectory and finds its talons in its prey. See it now clearly in your mind how the fear of a planet-wide war, the stress of an economic downturn, the spinelessness of your politicians, and the greed of your bankers might panic, disrupt and unsettle you. Do not allow it to color your reasoning in these times.

“Those of you who regularly speak to your Teachers, let not these undercurrents of insecurity color our teachings. Those of you inconsistent in conducting your meditation, please renew your efforts. This is Samuel and Aaron, and all is well. Adieu you two.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.