About Heart-titude

Oregon, US of A, October 13, 2018.
Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “About Heart-titude.”

“The wise man, when seeking entrance through the locked door, would not destroy the door but rather would seek for the key wherewith to unlock it.” [UB 160:3.4]

Christ Michael/Jesus: “Rest in Me! Whenever you dedicate time to connect with My Presence, be assured that I am here with you, even though our communion may be silent. A silent, heartfelt connection is indeed the most intimate mode of togetherness.

“Words can act as heart openers whenever two or more gather with high intentions. In the end, what matters is not that you concur in your opinions but are harmonious in your ‘heart-titude’. What do I mean by that?

“Tact and tolerance are unifiers that iron out the relational kinks. Do agree to disagree, as it will be eternally relevant due to the tremendous cosmic diversity. Aren’t you all trying to make sense of your destiny? You may get fleeting hunches as to where it is taking you, but they are not always validated, and you should leave ample room for them to be revisited. Why then waste precious time and energies on the sorry practice of intolerance?

“Treat others as you want to be treated and, undoubtedly, tolerance should be mutual, as it nips conflicts in the bud and waters down any potentially dangerous elements of fanaticism.

“When I lived as Jesus, I admonished tact and tolerance. Indeed, tactlessness and intolerance are as hurtful, as they are unloving. Beware of such strong impulses, for they are not of the light. Rather, focus on love and it will naturally infuse you with tact and tolerance.”

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