About Love-Ability

Oregon, US of A, October 5, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Love-Ability.”

Message Received by Anyas.

“You are destined to live a narrow and mean life if you learn to love only those who love you.” [UB 156:5.11]

Thought Adjuster: “Just as there is a physical maturity, there is an emotional one — the maturing of the heart. You should look at yourself from this perspective because it is the route you have to take that leads you from your humanity to your divinity.

“Are you in for the eternal and thrilling pursuit of Godlikeness? It has everything to do with the development of your ability to love. From the above statement, you can figure out at which stage you are in the maturation of your heart.

If your love is self-seeking, it is not Love. If your decisions are subjected to the ‘what – is – there – in – it – for - me’ parameter, it is not Love. If you only express love to those who love you, it is not Love, as authentic Love initiates — and does not merely reciprocate.

“Divine love is outgoing in all its satisfaction seeking… it cannot be self-contained; it must be unselfishly bestowed.” It is the reason why Jesus could not help himself from performing ‘miracles’, as He felt irrepressible loving urges, as His love has matured to its godlike quality.

“Do not be discouraged by your current inability to love with such a degree of perfection. What matters is that you strive to expand your ‘love - ability’ daily, moment by moment, as you will never lack of opportunities to do so. If you only learn to love one more person per day, you will have succeeded.”

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