Abundant Gratitude

Illawarra District, Australia, November 03, 2018.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Abundant Gratitude.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Teacher Samuel: (greetings not recorded) “ . . . and no, it’s not known when my task as a Teacher will be coming to an end. Will it in fact be with you as my one and only main student? I would like to know, but I’m assured should that be the case, I will spend a considerable strech of time in regular meditation prior to fusion. Fusion with one’s Thought Controller is a ‘mile post’ of unimmagined importance. Thank you for being a caring student and for wishing to know this.”

George: “Thank you for being a cool Teacher.”

Samuel: “It has come to my attention that you are being asked about love and the abject lack of it, it being witheld from someone far away. How will you handle this?”

George: “With Abundant Gratitude.”

“Fine! Heartfelt gratitude can lift a person’s spirits like few sentiments can. It’s easy to smile when you’re grateful, easy to be optimistic, easy to be forward-looking. A grateful heart is a balanced heart, a loving and productive heart. And since the patient is a ‘reactive depressive’ and needs no medicines, you can treat her from a distance, as before. You are busy? You are always busy, but not too busy to record her therapy.

“Her two children are doing well in school and when you remind her of their achievements she’ll give that a broad smile. Her husband’s career is looking up and shortly there will be a promotion in the wind for him. Her personal pride is her garden and although it is quite small, it has the colorful looks of a professionally designed job.

“As soon as your husband has gone off to his work and your children are on the bus to school, go into your garden and consider how fortunate you are to have two smart youngsters and feel abundantly grateful. Think of the go-getter man you married and feel blessed. Cocooned in your very private little garden reflect on how you did beat a very severe illness and how you are regaining your strength by the day. Consider also that your friend of the past is precisely that: gone, of the past, no longer friendly.

“Jannette, this is your therapy, not from Samuel, not from me, but from us both — Teacher and student. Use it each morning and as often as you prefer. As you contemplate the many things you are grateful for, your moods will lighten and you will be less often depressed.

“God bless you and yours . . .
George Barnard.”

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