Recognize Me In All You Meet

Urantia, October 21, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved Within.
Subject: “Recognize Me In All You Meet.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved Within: “Remember to see God within all those you come into contact with, and each one you pray for. This is a practice I would have you accept as a matter of habit, so it becomes entirely natural for you to see all as a part of you, and therefore part of the living God.

“A new and greater understanding will dawn upon you as you practice this, for knowledge is ever enlarging when the heart is involved.

“Trust Me when I tell you these things, for you have hardly embarked upon the eternal journey and I endeavor to lay a solid foundation on which to expand and grow our soul-self for our eventual fusion; when we from that moment on will travel together as one being on the way to perfection.

“This is a requirement to be firmly rooted in your faith and trust in Me; so you can have faith and trust in your siblings, who in time will recognize these qualities as their own.

“You all grow and expand together as you work for the betterment and upliftment of the planet. This is also a requirement and a blessing for those who are actively engaged in this way, each in their own area of expertise, to work and labor for the greater glory of God.

“This has always been the purpose and goal for each evolving creature; to glorify God, as in doing so they glorify themselves on the ascension road to perfection. It is in the practice of unconditional love and forgiveness that the fruits of the spirit are made manifest.

“These are like little light beams on this dark planet, and all light is joyfully welcomed by Heaven as a sign of life. The time has arrived when the Universal Creator desires a greater expression of His Light and in turn releases more spiritual energy for this to occur.

It is a time of grand awakening to see the Creator in everyone, with seed-souls made in His image for the purpose of the grand ascension scheme towards perfection. This allows all free will mortals to choose eternal life and to journey to paradise upon completion of their perfection conquest.

“Therefore, see and recognize Me in all you meet.”

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