Introducing The Entourage

Asheville, NC, US of A, September 23, 2018.
Teacher: Master Physical Controller, Slyonia.
Subject: “Introducing The Entourage.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Slyona: “A warm welcome to you, my friend! I AM Slyonia (SLEE-OWN-YA) — a Master Physical Controller (MPC) from Orvonton. Although we made our acquaintance just last night, I AM here with you today to co-create a message for those participating in the corrective movement to ‘normalize’ mind on Urantia. MPCs from the super-universe work with energy and in coordination with other orders to control energy, create communication lines; energy circuits; and power lanes to connect vast areas of the universes together. We also do specialized collaborative work in teams that provide the energies necessary to serve the more physical aspects of creature mind. It is in this capacity that we are here on Urantia.

“I AM the spokesperson for my team — the group you call, ‘The Entourage.’ We are 29 personalities of various orders and are tasked with creating the interface and energy circuits needed to safely bridge the Nexus Feed from the Jerusem Circles to the Distribution Center and Cascading Network on Urantia. We are coordinating our efforts with the Absonite Consciousness Engineers as they continue to create and improve mind circuitry. It is important that you know — mandated — that you are kept in the loop of information as it pertains to those areas that directly affect humans that are serving at the conscious and unconscious levels of participation in the network to elevate human consciousness on Urantia.

“For those Reserve Corps individuals, we ask for your patience and understanding as we ‘make our rounds’ to visit and modify certain aspects of your physical natures that interface with energy and mind herewith having the least affect on your own personal sojourns. Humans at the planetary level engage the mind circuits in a way that is unique to this realm and therefore do they (Reserve Corps) play a vital role in service as a surrogate for this higher stream of energy. It is because of these modifications that we must inform and advise you of your Adjuster agreed participation — that there shall be some energetic feedback as a result of these modifications — some discomfort as well as some pleasurable interludes involved in our visits with you, but be assured, that you have our utmost concern for your safety and comfort as we engage you.

“In the coming weeks and months, you can expect continuous attention from us as we work to make all the necessary connections and modifications — slowly, and assuredly, to bring you into ‘tolerance’ with the Nexus feed. Many of you are astonished by these events and the reality of what is now taking place within you and on your world, yet at another level, deeper within, you have felt that you would be a part of it. It is your attunement with that ‘deeper within’ that speaks to you and assures you of its validity. Take solace in that, my dear friends, that you may embrace it with the joy of knowing that you are on Christ Michael’s team to accomplish the goals of the Correcting Time.

“We thank you for your service and your participation with us as we work together in unity to manifest the Father’s Will for Urantia.

“Christ Michael sends His regards and His blessings to all, I AM Slyonia — in power and service to the One and to the many.”

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