The Flashflood of Love

Oregon, US of A, August 30, 2018.
Uteah—Trinity Teacher.
Subject: “The Flashflood of Love.”

Message received by Anyas.

Uteah—Trinity Teacher: “I was dispatched from Paradise to teach you about LOVE. Indeed, Paradise is the Source and Center of Love in Action. This is the reason why the Father blesses your planet with a Teacher that has the best credentials to help you open your heart more and more fully. What a beautiful moment it is to behold when we witness from on High the opening of many hearts — just as it is a breathtaking process to witness the coming to full bloom of a flower!

“The vision the Father holds for His creation is of the putting together an amazing arrangement of hearts at all their stages of development — from the bud to the bloom, from the cocoon to the discarding of its protective shell . . .

“Indeed, all life starts within a protective shell of some sort in order to give ample time to the embryonic creatures to safely grow the life-supporting organs that will help their survival after breaking through the shell of their first universe — be it a shell, an egg or a womb.

“Should the embryo overstay its welcome in the womb, it would start displaying signs of shriveling and withering away, as it needs more room to thrive — ad infinitum — just as a seedling has to be transplanted into a bigger pot.

“As well, this critical‘birthing process’ has to occur at the heart level because you live in an emotionally challenging environment and you have developed many self-protective layers in order to become numb to pain. However, by doing so, you have somehow confined your heart to an artificial cocoon where its growth is inhibited by such an unnatural confinement.

“Dear ones, it is time to take yet another leap of faith by opening your inner fortress. How else could you receive all the love that is coming your way? How else could you contribute to its universal access? By following the generous impulses of your heart, you will break a trail for Love to flow through it. It may be small and narrow at the beginning but it will keep expanding as the irrepressible flash flood of love will move freely through you, flushing out all dark emotions to replace them with the vibrancy of living love.”

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