Changes and Growth

Alabama, US of A, February 26, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Changes and Growth.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Everything on your world and in the universe is in constant motion. Nothing will remain static until it has reached the level of perfection. Even then, there will always be new and more complete expressions of that perfection. Of all creation, only Paradise represents the apex of material perfection but, even on Paradise, the experience of the spiritual beings that dwell there is always changing, always evolving and always progressing.

“By nature, the human mind resists change. Human beings feel more comfortable when they are in a stable situation without any upheavals. Your psychologists have discovered that all people have a pre-determined level of hapiness and, even when the conditions of their lives change, this level is only affected during a short amount of time, returning to the base level after a while. It doesn’t matter if they go from rags to riches, or from abundance to scarcity, their level of happiness will always be pretty much the same. This is one of the fundamental reasons for your great ability as human beings to adapt to your surroundings. You are really capable of adjusting to the most disparate and strange situations, being able to bear much more than you can imagine.

“However, where your idea of hapiness in your material minds ends, lies the threshold for a new understanding of life in the spiritual realm. Through your personal search for truth and higher values, each individual has the capacity to increase the levels of happiness and satisfaction in his or her life. When you find your Father in your heart, do experience His unconditional love and know the certitude of being a beloved child of the Creator of all things and beings, an unimaginable peace flows over you and the hope of an ever-progressing life of discovery and greater satisfactions – faith – brings a new and brighter color to the days of your life on this world.

“Then you will have found the key to increase your hapiness and your ability to perceive the love that pervades all creation. Your human capacity to adapt to the ever changing situations of the world will help you sustain that peace, regardless of where you go or how much your surroundings change. It will be when you will understand that all changes are divine providence and just another opportunity to discover another aspect that the Father desires to reveal about Himself. In this way, by knowing the Father a little bit more each day, we become more like Him and we continue perfecting our own original expression of being.”

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