To Be Eternal Is to Be Fully Sustainable

Oregon, US of A, August 25, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “To Be Eternal Is to Be Fully Sustainable.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Though human beings differ in many ways, the one from the another, before God and in the spiritual world all mortals stand on an equal footing.” [UB 1468:03]

Thought Adjuster: “There are mornings when you turn within to spend time with your spiritual Teachers and Guides and you are not sure which topic to broach with them. Yet, this should be the least of your concerns, as Spirit is very resourceful in either bringing to your attention some interesting thoughts worth pondering or in taking advantage of your morning readings in spiritual textbooks holding many gems of wisdom that are great conversation starters.

“Indeed, in an infinite universe, there are endless topics of conversation that will contribute to nurturing both your mind and your soul. Let us, for example, take the above quote as today’s topic.

“Upon reading it, the thought entered your mind that, contrary to your planet that is struggling at many levels to become sustainable, the Divine Abode of Paradise is fully sustainable as the Father Himself is ETERNAL. To be eternal IS to be fully sustainable!

“This is the reason why, in the afterlife, all mortals stand on an equal footing. From the down-to-earth stage where their spiritual infancy played out, they are relocated to a brand-new set and, as they progress toward their next way station, they increasingly emit the designer fragrance of their unique personality — their energy signature. This is due to the fact that they have access to spiritually ‘equal opportunities.’

“No longer is the access to a great education the privilege of a few. No longer will you have to spend much of your time and energies in making a living. In the perfection of higher realms, the Seven Core Values reign supreme in each decisional process: ‘Does it support life, equality, personal growth, and quality of life? Is it driven by empathy, compassion, and love for all?’ It would serve you well to put them to good use during this preface to your eternal life, as they will forever be at the core of what truly matters — here and beyond.

“In a tightly-knit family, no matter how brilliant some members may turn out to be, professionally or otherwise, this does not affect their siblings’ status. The love that they feel for one another has nothing to do with their worldly achievements but has everything to do with their spiritual attainments. This is how the Father views each one of you: How do you contribute to the whole? Do you play your part to perfection? Indeed, in such a complex cosmic organism, no matter its size or function, each part is essential for the smooth running of the operation. And because each part is so precious, it operates under a lifetime warranty that includes a day-to-day scrupulous maintenance program.”

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