Graduate from Conditional to Unconditional Love

Oregon, US of A, October 7, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Graduate from Conditional to Unconditional Love.”

Message received by Anyas.

“The less of love in any creature’s nature, the greater the love need, and the more does divine love seek to satisfy such need.” [UB 1739:06]

Thought Adjuster: “As you ponder the above quote, it once more makes you realize that everything revolves around Love. Many songs have been written about such longings of the soul. ‘Love makes the world go round’ is indeed a very accurate statement.

“Take a moment to look at everything and anything from the perspective of Love. It is not by chance that Love — unconditional Love — is at the very top of the emotional chart.

“Human beings have been conceived to increasingly get in touch with the ultimate quality of unconditional love. The family nucleus is the best petri dish for Love, as it exposes its members to its various combinations: spousal love, parental love, sibling’s affection, and more. In a healthy family environment, children start experiencing love from the ground up, so to speak, based on the quality of the Love substance meted out by their parents.

“Indeed, the Love you harbor in your heart is meant to soar free. Such is the nature of unconditional Love. Once your heart gets filled to the brim with that exquisite essence, you will experience the inner bliss that comes with the act of sharing and constantly beaming out its uplifting and comforting vibrations.

“The human challenge is to graduate from ‘conditional love’ to ‘unconditional Love’ — a Love that keeps on loving, no matter what. A Love that is so rich that it does not get deflated by a lack of reciprocity but keeps pouring out of your wide-open heart. Such is the unconditional Love of your Heavenly Father. This is the reason why you should never feel ‘unloved’ or ‘hard to love.’ There is a core of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness within you. Learn to get in touch with it and you will get in touch with Love, as love resonates with these beautiful qualities. They are its sustainable fuel.”

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