Conceived in Heaven

Oregon, US of A, July 22, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Conceived in Heaven.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever something is conceived, manufactured, and distributed in your world, a stamp is applied to it with the words ‘made in’ and the country of its origin. Frequently, as well, patents are registered for novelties, thus ensuring that the income they generate will in part financially benefit their ‘inventor.’

“The Father in Heaven does not function that way. He does not stake a claim to fame, as Love — not fame — was, is, and always will be the purpose of His Infinite Creation. The Father shares with all — indiscriminately, without any disclaimers. As well, He shares His Creative Powers with you! Don’t you think you should put them to greater use, rather than looking for the recognition of your peers? The only precious and worthwhile recognition is the one you receive whenever you pull at their heart strings — God’s Way.

“Dear ones, why are you trying so hard to impress one another with worldly currencies? The only cosmic currency is the currency of Love. It does not depreciate. Rather, it keeps appreciating as more creatures contribute to that cosmic fund.

“You were conceived in Heaven! This should be your only source of pride. Isn’t it enough? Everything else should flow out of this heightened perception of your origin. You are the manifestation of a loving, divine thought that occurred at that moment in the very remote past when time began. Indeed, All That Is was conceived at the beginning of time, when the first domino was lovingly positioned to start an eternal and infinite chain reaction of Love. Isn’t it time to regroup and help realign the stray dominos that sadly seceded from the greater organism that sustains their livelihood? By doing so, they will magically morph into the colorful pieces of a breathtaking mosaic.”

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