Chicago, US of A, September 9, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Sexuality and Respect for the Personality.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Sexuality is a most powerful driving force in human nature, perhaps only second to the human survival instinct. While the survival instinct strives for the continuance of the individual’s life, sexuality is the driving force that ensures the continuation of the species. You share the animal instincts with all other creatures, through the ministry of the first five of seven Adjutant Spirits of the Mother Spirit. However, only humans can reach personality status and only they enjoy the ministry of the spirits of Wisdom and of Worship which dictate the sound and moral use of all animal instincts, and among them, the sexual one.

“Procreation is the primary function of sex, and the pleasure associated with it is to guarantee that it is frequently practiced to ensure species continuance. However, since humans are personal beings (not mere animals), sexuality is not to be exercised only based on its instinctive drive, but rather rightfully enjoyed if one has respect for one’s partner’s personality. Firstly, one’s capacity for sexual activity as a natural development is the result of physical maturity, but not necessarily maturity of the personality, emotional and or intellectual maturity. Therefore, sexuality needs to be a responsible activity when practiced by individuals that have reached physical and personality maturity, being able to make conscious and responsible choices. Although normal human beings become morally conscious early in their lives (about 6-7 years of age) they are not yet totally – either physically or intellectually – mature enough to responsibly make sexual choices at such an early age. Therefore, exercise of sexuality is not yet proper for children, and so, both parents and society must shield them of its misuse and abuse. The same applies to individuals with mental retardation or slow intellectual development.

“While sex is not evil in and of itself, as some cultures and religions may view it, the evildoer may use it as a tool. Human beings, as sexual creatures, must enjoy their sexuality with wisdom; that is to use it with dignity and respect. It is a common saying in modern Urantian societies that it is ‘ok’ for the practice of sex between ‘consenting adults’. While this is an important condition to be met, it is never a license to be immoral, perverting, degrading of physical bodies or social and religious mores. Sexuality is healthy when exercised with respect and dignity, without abuse, prejudice or bigotry. In sexuality, self-control is surely needed, if it is to be a dignified expression of the human personality.

“Evidently, evolution, civilization’s status, economics, poverty, ignorance, depravation, religious and social mores development complicate and many times corrupt sexual relations between individuals, producing all kinds of mixed and undesirable situations such as prostitution, pornography, humiliation, promiscuity, rape, abuse of women and children in human trafficking, commerce and many other abject and questionable behaviors. As a general rule, sexuality should never be compulsory, be forced or violent, but rather it is to be enjoyed by consent by mature individuals, without abuse or licentiousness, with wise consideration to the current social and religious mores, besides a most profound respect for the personality status of human beings.

“I am Prolotheos, your always-available teacher and tutor on High. Peace to you and all.”

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