Swords or Salve?

Oregon, US of A, April 24, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Swords or Salve?”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The image of a water faucet came to your mind and caught your attention, as it can serve as a good metaphor concerning the process of ‘verbalizing’ your thoughts through your vocal chords. This seems far-fetched at first but allow Me to explain.

“In your modern world, a water faucet has two taps — one for dispensing hot water and the other one for cold water. Yet, both conduits have one single outlet that allows for blending both temperature extremes into a temperature more comfortable to the touch.

“Your vocal chords help you to voice mere intellectual thoughts or express deeply-felt emotional states. Ideally, they act like a faucet that harmoniously blends both channels of expression. At times, your feelings have to be tempered by your rational thinking; at other times, your rational thinking has to be softened by integrating emotions of higher vibrations.

“Once done to perfection, Beauty and Goodness result from that careful blending. Beautiful songs please the ears of the listeners as well as elevate their moods. On the other hand, discordant and poisonous words inflict pain and suffering on others and harm their speaker as well.

“Dear ones, as you go through your day, use your mouth as a filtering system. Carefully select the quality of the materials you express through it. Each word released has a real impact on your reality. Indeed, words are powerful co-creators. The Father created through the Word and gifted you with similar powers of which most of you are totally unaware. Are you using your words as sharp swords that sadly pierce many hearts or are you applying them as a healing salve on broken hearts, thus uplifting others? Words can defile your mouth or sanctify it. As in everything else, all depends on your intention, since everything is subjected to the Law of Cause and Effect.”

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