The Power of Love – Part 1

Alabama, US of A, September 28, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Power of Love – Part 1”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Love is the key to overcoming the limits imposed by the partiality of your point of view and by your perception of reality. As the young apostle once wrote, ‘God is Love.’ The essence of the Father is expressed through His unconditional love and it is only through love that a human being can reach the heights of divine perfection, even while intellectually ignoring the true meaning of this perfection.

“The Master once said that the most eloquent demonstration of spiritual progress is the quality of love a person can offer to his or her peers. The beliefs or knowledge of a person are not as important. It is through love that a Thought Adjuster can express the divine will in a more complete fashion, because to love unconditionally is to express divinity.

“The religion into which you were born, the beliefs and the traditions that surround you, the culture in which you are immersed, or the moral and intellectual level of the world you live in, are not so important. You may choose to improve your education, elevate your culture by knowing a little bit more about your world, or by following all the established rules, but only when you allow love to inundate your being, motivating your decisions and actions, will you rise above the material world and discover new values and truths.

“Many times in the history of your world, some personalities that you might have considered uncultured, simple or lacking in intelligence, have elevated their actions to the heights of divinity thanks to the powerful love they felt for their peers. Many have defied the traditions and the rules of the place or the time in which they lived with the goal of providing loving service and work for the happiness of a loved one. It is precisely in those moments – the times when a person gives everything for the happiness of others – when a human being acts like the Father would, if He were in his or her place.

“Don’t worry about what you think you know or don’t know. Don’t be concerned that the partiality of your current understanding of the truth may hinder your spiritual progress. Focus instead on learning to love and increasingly knowing and accepting your brothers and sisters in this world. Love is the essence of the Father and the force that sustains the universes. Learn more about love and everything else will be revealed to you through experience.”

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