Respect Free Will

Chicago, US of A, March 15, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Respect Free Will.”

Message Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Free will is a God-given attribute which is at the basis of Humanity. Suffice to say that free will is that bestowal from the Father that brings humans out from the exclusive animal kingdom on every planet where life is implanted. Free will is so important that after this unique bestowal, the Life Carriers are prohibited from directly interfering with the newborn will creatures. Right there and then, their long work on a planet is finished. If the Father and His Associate Authorities in the universes treat free will with such respect, wouldn’t you do the same? Respect free will!

“Respect Free Will by Acknowledging its Reality. Will is a universe reality. It starts with God and it is a bestowal from the Father upon countless creatures in diverse manners. The main characteristic of will is consciousness. Animals have the determination of doing things, but not the consciousness of it. On Urantia, the Father bestowed upon our ancestors human will, which is absolutely free of interference at its origin, but limited in its results, because we are limited in power. However, in spiritual matters, free will is absolutely sovereign, including its results. We are free to follow God or to not follow Him.

“Respect Free Will by Acknowledging its Function. Conscious actions are the results of free will. Free will allows liberty for human choices. It has no antecedents: it starts with you and it is done by you. By will you can act, interact and react. By will you can do good or evil, expressing love or hatred. That you can wish and do evil (the morally reproachable) is proof of your freedom. We are free to will and execute, but, except in spiritual matters, we cannot guarantee its persistence, because above human will there is the absolute and sovereign will of God.

“Respect Free Will by Acknowledging its Importance. It is important because is a personal bestowal from the Father, it makes us personal beings, and it is part of the ‘image of God,’ But, above all, our free will reveals God’s desire to have a voluntary relationship with us, even from the Creator to His low human creatures. Free will allows us to really know God if we choose. Power and freedom of choice are, with no shadow of a doubt, what God most values in us and what most pleases Him when we freely consecrate it to Him.

“Besides, my pupil, you can show respect for free will, not only by valuing your own but also by valuing other people’s free will. You may argue with people, but respect their will letting them choose by themselves, not manipulating it, not crushing it, not ridiculing it. Accordingly, you may and should combat, even prevent the evil that might come from a bad decision, but not the liberty of anyone making a bad decision. Remember: it is mostly by doing good that we overcome evil, not returning evil for evil.

“I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Blessings!”

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