Dimensions of Health Care

Chicago, US of A, March 14, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Dr. Mendoza.
Subject: “Dimensions of Health Care.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Nowadays, it is the common thought that health care is an obligation of the state. There is an entitlement culture that modern man is getting used to. Medicine on Urantia has indeed made great progress of late. However, in olden times, the most common, if not the only resource sick people had, was to appeal to the gods. After reaching maturity, health care is foremost an individual’s responsibility. However, family, society, and the state all have their roles. The state’s responsibility is giving accessibility to health care, society’s role is to improve it, and family’s task is to reach it.

“Prevention. The most important dimension of health care is Prevention. This is the first care about health: to prevent diseases, accidents and incidents that may jeopardize personal or public health. Personal and public hygiene, environment preservation, and safety measures are among the most necessary procedures if an effective prevention plan is to work. Prevention not only avoids diseases and hazards but also improves the current health conditions people are living in. Personal care includes health habits, diet, check-ups. Public care includes infrastructure and public safety, like clean water and adequate sewerage systems — taken for granted in some countries but a necessity in many.

“Intervention. The second most important dimension of health care is Intervention. Although prevention is primordial, it never will be perfect, and health hazards will occur. When they happen, again, individuals, society and state must intervene. Interventions are hospitalizations, surgeries, evacuations, community efforts and all kinds of emergency measures taken to protect and restore health to the people. Intervention goes from a simple application of a band-aid on your child’s bruised knee, onto applying CPR to an individual. Every learning child and every adult should have a minimum knowledge on health care intervention. Indeed, prevention is thinking ahead, intervention is acting effectively on time.

“Deterrence. The third most important dimension of health care is Deterrence. Deterrence is seen as a type of intervention, but not of the emergency kind. Rather it is to combat a problem threatening a healthy state. It is about the individual that is going to see the doctor when he or she feels that something is wrong. Concern for public health is at stake when there are signs that public health is at risk. Individuals must go to the doctor and take medications; the city and state, must fix what may jeopardize public health. To be effective in reversing health threats, time is essential. The earlier a problem is diagnosed, the earlier it can be treated.

“Finely, my friend, health care has many dimensions. Those I just mentioned are some of the most important ones. I must insist that you can do more for your personal health than can anyone else, and taking care of your health is also caring for those around you — those who could well be affected by your un-healthy situation. Public Health officials should concentrate most of their efforts in preventing risks to public health, instead of only making corrections when the problems appear. Never be casual about health; you are in fact God’s temple. Keep it healthy! I am Dr. Mendoza, your invisible but real friend. Be healthy.”

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