Urantia, August 30, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Planetary Awakening.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This lesson on planetary awakening is a most important one. Not that the previous lessons were unimportant, but they were all personal lessons building towards this general one. Planetary awakening will be the result of all previous lessons learned, since those lessons were designed for the purpose of your growing into a greater God-consciousness, the ultimate goal. When lessons are learned, humanity may en masse move forward in a more orderly and sane manner. Celestials know that there will always be laggards, who cannot find it within themselves to seek to do the Father’s Will, which is simply to love a little more each day, to understand and tolerate others a little more, and in this manner uplift the whole planet.

“All efforts to be of loving service and do what is right, benefits the whole of humanity. This is the ideal that we in the celestial realm strive towards in the hope that humanity will do likewise to the greater glory of the Creator. This is the ultimate goal of evolution; that all things work together for good. May humankind willingly and purposefully leave the childish quarrelsome things behind and become more mature, behave more in a proper manner as befits a child of the Most High God. If you do not use self-discipline now in striving to become perfect, when will you start? It is as simple as keeping your tendencies to disagreement under control. Only you have the prerogative and privilege to choose and to make God’s Will manifest in your lives.

“I have often repeated how this can and should be done by simply seeking to honor the God-connection within you on a daily basis, so it will eventually become as necessary to you as food, and you will miss it when you neglect to come into the Stillness of your hearts. There is never a good-enough reason to place your soul in jeopardy through a starvation diet. Usually the soul is undernourished because not enough personal attention is given to the feeding of the spiritual life which ideally entails listening to the Still Small Voice within you. Of course, it may be helpful to learn from others as to what they have to say about those experiences, indeed they can be very helpful as long as this leads to the recognition of your personal Guide within. You see, you are all empowered through this Adjuster of your thoughts, which shall unerringly lead you God-ward, to slowly realize that the many beliefs you have held, were someone else’s superstitions.

“It is always advisable to search for your own inner truth. Once having found this truth of your being, you will discover that this truth is the same for everyone else for all have part of the truth within them. Only the Eternal God has the whole truth. You all embody part of truth and together you make up much of the fabric of creation. This is the planetary awakening we strive towards, that you may recognize each other as such and in this manner become more welcoming to meet your neighbors on other planets, who represent a different facet of the fabric of creation. Dare to think outside your own cramped box of thought, that you are the only ones who are right and have the only way to God. You are all on the same road since you have boxed your thoughts in and have limited yourself to think along such narrow lines. The Spirit from on high is now sweeping the planet to wake up everyone. I invite you to be part of this planetary awakening.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.