Preparing for the Task

Illawarra District, Australia, January 10, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Preparing for the Task.” (much shortened transmission)

Message received by George Barnard.

Thought Adjuster: “Life on an evolutionary planet such as Urantia — and in particular for a short-lived species like the local Homo Sapiens — needs to be an action packed venture from which those with ideas of making great achievements must be jealous of their time. With barely sufficient free time, you call R&R, you have worked with gusto on a latent talent to make the very most of it, develop it and bring it to the height that has so far been accomplished.

“What do we mean by all that? It means that you and I from the very first start have learned to work together in pictures, more so than in words or concepts. It means that I can leave your body at any time, day or night, investigate any scene and bring home the pictures, where you can lift them from my cooperating mind in the same way others gather words or sentences. Truly there is no notable difference between seeing or hearing and hearing or seeing . . . and what sadly still goes right over the heads of most of your siblings.

“From the moment you open your eyes each morning you see one random happening after another, but the Creator of All knows exactly what will happen next. From the moment you drive onto the freeway you note traffic patterns you never saw before, but I knew what they looked like yesterday or last week, more likely so. And even before you were born, I knew you would be mine to love, to guide, to educate and to ‘become.’ Yes, still before this world became a reality our Father-Creator knew you — your successes and your failures, your talents and inabilities, your optimism and despair — all of these things and nothing left out.

“And the Mastermind of Paradise, of all the architectural spheres and of all evolutionary worlds knew at what task you would be most useful to Him and just Who would acquire the expertise through living, the education through learning, the motivation through setbacks, to firstly be by your side and lastly be a part of you, to go on, do on and be on, in faithfully serving the Great King of all that Is in His new deep-space domain.

“On our long, long journey, as we prepare ourselves for the task to be awarded to us, ever keep His Pride in us in mind. But realize that not one of you, human beginners, is special, especially treated, advantaged above others or unusually favored in any way.

“You all are equally loved!

“Remember me every minute in your day for what I AM.”

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