The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Oregon, US of A, December 19, 2016.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “The Peace That Passes All Understanding.”

Message received by Anyas.

“You may preach a religion about Jesus, but, perforce, you must live the religion of Jesus.” [UB 2091:10]

Teacher: “Let’s us talk about the quality of the ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ Indeed, such a peace can be felt amidst the most challenging of life’s situations and is mind boggling as it is the feeling least likely to be experienced in the midst of extreme inner turmoil, anguish and anxiety. It feels like a warm comforter is being placed on your emotional shoulders, providing you with much needed warmth and a sense of security.

“Truly, such a state of peace is a gift of grace. Yet, it is available to all to invoke and tap into in their times of need. This is how the Father works His magic in each life, providing much needed comfort and respite when a creature has reached the limits of what he or she can handle.

“In such moments, while your mind would instinctively dictate to you to feel emotions that are at the antipode of the one of inner peace, an overwhelming sense of peace invades your being and, by its stark contrast with the emotions that were tormenting you previously, it feels like you are privy to a miracle that is magically and instantly flushing out the unsettling emotions that were preying on you.

“Your Master Jesus is also named the ‘Prince of Peace’ — for many reasons. Not only did He always admonish ‘peace-full’ responses to life’s challenges, He also exhibited a ‘peace-full’ demeanor in His own life’s tribulations. How was He able to maintain such composure?

“One of the reasons was that He well knew the ‘this too shall pass’ predicament of the human condition. His life’s scope was turned toward eternal horizons — spanning beyond the frailty of human life. He knew that, no matter what may befall Him during the course of His human incarnation, the Father had His back — His spiritual back. He came as the Father’s Ambassador of Love and was always faithful to His divine assignment. He was grounded in Love and acted out of Love. There was no conflict between His words and His deeds.

“In the absence of conflict, there is Peace and Harmony. Period. This is what human beings have to master during their lives: a peaceful ‘conflict resolution.’ There is not one day on your planet devoid of opportunities to practice. Each area of conflict is in need of peaceful resolution. What would Jesus say? What would Jesus do? Are the two most relevant questions to ask yourself whenever you want to adequately address difficult situations. Take the time to ask these questions of great import. They will bring forth answers that will give you peace of mind and peace of heart. Guaranteed.”

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