About Mandates

About Mandates
From the Desk of George Barnard – 01-05-2017.

Some few months ago a 25 page paper was brought to my attention. It read: Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation and Reuniting Factions by a Method Adjudged by the Conciliating Commission Sojourning on Urantia.

The writing was signed by Mr. Nicholas W. Scalzo, 51 Ironworks Road, Clinton, CT USA . . . and wait for it . . . there are other contributors who must remain anonymous.

These anonymous contributors cannot possibly be the Conciliating Commision of divine persons, Melchizedeks or Celestial Teachers of any kind, for Mr. Scalzo is hardly known to be a receiver of celestial messages. Moreover, had the writing been a message from On High, it would have been short, to the point and not have included the distinct unholy threat noted here directly below:

Caution: If you are a reader of The Urantia Book and believe that the mandates and instructions of the Revelatory Commission that were given to us many years ago do not apply in the present day to you or to your organization, and that these mandates are ‘old news’ and for ‘others long ago.’ STOP! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Lest you must need answer for your decisions.

Expressed and implied those words constitute a vaguely worded, although absolute threat. The Father does not threaten, Michael does not threaten and other Celestials do not threaten . . . never ever! So, by what ‘authority’ does Mr. Scalzo and his band of well-meaning contributors threaten the many thousands of recipients of the daily 11:11 Progress Group Lists messages and our thousands of regular readers of the Urantia Papers ?

Additionally to the earlier threat, should only two of the three ‘main’ Urantia Organizations be prepared to merge, all three will be ‘taken to task.’ (freely worded)

Oops, additionally to yet another threat, there too goes down the gurgler our sacred human free will !

However, in this total forget-all-other-organizations of Mr. Scalzo’s suggestions, both the Teaching Mission and the 11:11 Progress Group – being decidedly a part of the Urantia Global Awakening, and most certainly of great importance regarding additional new and still future revelatory information – have been brushed aside as having their origin on some alien planet, whilst they are today’s organizations that have ongoing contact with their Thought Adjusters, Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, The Damascus Scribe, Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayers and former human Teachers.

Strangely, in absolute contrast to the present suggestions of Mr. Scalzo, the 11:11 Progress Group was given Machiventa’s direct order in 2003 to break with the Teaching Mission, to go it alone, and to see both organizations grow at a rate that would make them both proud.

Our Urantia Book readers need to know why our Celestial Brothers must first of all threaten our UB readers and secondly rob us of our God-given free will, for we have 11:11 Progress Group members in two of the three Urantia Revelationary Organizations you named.

God bless you for trying . . .
George Barnard – 11.11 Publishers Pty Limited, Australia.

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