About Work

Alabama, US of A, September 11, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Work.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many mortals on this world have a fixation about accumulating money without really considering if a true benefit would thereby be obtained. Many have problems in trying to determine when they have obtained enough wealth. Human beings certainly need to work in order to sustain themselves and to obtain those experiences that strengthen their character and develop their personality worthy of trust and responsibility — therewith useful to the universe. Remember the words of the Master suggesting that those who are great in small things may be great in big things, also, but how can anybody trust those who in small matters don’t even make an effort? This idea is enough to illustrate the validity of human work.

“However, humans were not made for work but to attain perfection. This involves many other areas of life, like the relationships among each other and most importantly the personal search for God and the effort to understand and live His will. Work is about the tasks that may contribute to that end, but it is not the only one. Work could also become a great obstacle when the sole motivation is obtaining material benefits at the expense of other important areas of human life.

“I declare that if you are doing the work that has been assigned to you today, investing the best of your effort and motivated by a sincere love for your peers, you would already be fulfilling everything that is expected of you in this area. Once you have completed your allotted activity time to ensure your sustenance and provide your contribution to your civilization and your world, you are free to explore other things with your time. If your work already provides for your needs, what sense does it make to search for more money to provide for things which you don’t really need and which will not add any real value to your life?

“True peace will not be found in the things you possess. In fact, I would suggest that your happiness is often inversely proportional to the amount of things you accumulate. Only those who discover that there is nothing they really need because they have received it all from their Father can be truly happy and truly free. This is the kind of happiness I desire for you, a happiness that does not depend on anything external and does not vary with the tides of this world.

“This is the true meaning of elevating yourself above material things: An intelligent person will not abandon everything to leave his or her personal well-being and the well-being of his or her family in the hands of luck. A wise person who has learned to trust in the Father will work diligently and will enjoy equally all other aspects of life, deriving happiness in living the will of the Father because experience has shown this person the multiple benefits of living a more spiritual life.”

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