Illawarra District, Australia, August 3, 2012.
Mentori (outspoken) Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Tolerance and Patience” – Part 2.

Received by George Barnard.

Mentori Spokesperson: “Indeed my new friend, I am back, and let us agree that my message of just yesterday had not come to an end. It is clearly understood that whilst you long ago agreed to entertain all celestial Lecturers for their messages, you may be selective about the subject matter imposing upon your patience, free-will choice or notable interest. (receiver says to go ahead) This is still your Correcting Time, hardly begun, and a great distance in time away from the ‘first green sprouts’ of the era of Light and Life’s beginning.

“There is a need for you to understand all the ins and outs of what needs to be corrected for Light and Life to be heralded from on high. However, let me assure you that your need to mature as a common people, and an even more common leadership, both east and west, has taken on the level of extreme urgency. Grow up, I say, and stop believing your own lies. It is understood by an ever-growing number of people who think beyond the box that your so-called terrorist groups are likely to contain a preponderance of freedom fighters.

“It then also stands to reason that the ‘benevolent occupiers’ could be seen as being the terrorists. You have a long way to go, Urantia, before in all honesty you can declare in front of your mirrors that you minister to your neighbor as you yourself would prefer to be treated. A time is now approaching when more and more, yes millions, of His children find themselves disenfranchised, in poverty, homeless, hungry even starving – men, women and children – as those who have it all through financial wizardry take home the prizes of theft.

“There will be those that are left behind in their understanding of mutual responsibilities, the stragglers and task-shirkers that believe all is fine when they are fine. They will be awakened but perhaps only ‘at the dusk of redemption time’. There will be those that are the instigators of their brothers’ and sisters’ tribulations, misfortunes and suffering, heard to utter, ‘My God, my God, had I but taken notice of the still Voice within me gifted from above, directing me to apply my talents to the welfare of others and not my insecurity and greed.’

“Others will come in a time of great energy, intelligence, invention and cooperation. Some from your races, you call the prophets of the future, some from higher realms will be there, and they will say, ‘Where can we help? What are your needs? What will you learn from the One who set these universes in motion?’ That is when your tribulations will have come to an end. That is at last when time of Light and Life has begun.

“I am the outspoken Mentor.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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